Terms & Conditions

(1) If you are lucky enough to look under 25 you will be asked for a form of ID at your appointment. I can only accept physical ID's, no photos or photocopies. I can also only accept ID that is valid and up to date.
You must have one of the following:
Driving/Provisional Licence 

Government issued passcard

For clients aged 15 or younger, they will also need ID (if you have none of the above I will accept a birth certificate). ONE parent or legal guardian must attend the appointment with them, and also provide ID. Legal guardians must provide the correct legal paperwork to prove this. You cannot bring anybody else with you to the appointment, this includes other children. No other adults may sign for the child.

Failure to provide ID will result in the cancelation of your appointment. If you bring other adults, they will be told to wait outside the studio. If you bring other children with no adult to watch them, your appointment will be cancelled, I cannot allow children to be left outside and unaccompanied. 

I cannot pierce you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We also do not recommend swimming or using hot tubs and saunas whilst your piercing is healing. We do not recommend getting a piercing just before you go abroad on holiday. High temperatures can cause more swelling for example.

Before I pierce you, I will check your anatomy thoroughly first. I may decline your piercing if I believe you do not have the correct anatomy for the piercing to safely heal. I will do my best to suggest something else that will work better with you! Not everyone can have every piercing.

I reserve the right to refuse service for anyone who cannot provide valid photographic identification to prove they meet the age requirements.

I reserve the right to refuse service based on client failure to arrive on time to their appointment. Anybody running 10 or more minutes late will be refused and offered to rebook. I am running a very tight schedule so if you're late, I will be late for the rest of the day.

I reserve the right to refuse service whereby a person fails to, yet is required to because of medical history, provide official documentation stating that they are in a healthy mental and physical state to receive a piercing service.

I reserve the right to refuse service based on any inappropriate or anti-social behaviour being displayed towards myself, members at The Electric Lady or any other visiting clients. I have a strict zero tolerance policy for any kind of verbal or physical abuse towards myself, members of staff or other visiting clients. I also have a strict zero tolerance policy for any kind of racism, transphobia, homophobia or sexism. You will be asked to leave and not return to the studio.

Please try and cancel appointments with at least 48 hours notice. If you fail to show up to your appointment without letting me know, you will need to pay for your piercing upfront if you wish to rebook. If you no show me twice, you will no longer be welcome at the shop.

Some pieces of jewellery sold at the studio is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing faults for life. In the event an item of jewellery has experienced breakage, the client may arrange to return the jewellery to the studio for inspection and potential replacement (if the item is in stock) If the jewellery is damaged as a result of a manufacturing fault there will be no charge to the client for replacement or repair where possible. Lifetime guarantee does not cover jewellery lost, stolen or damaged as a result of mishandling. All occurring costs including shipping and repair or replacements are to be paid for by the client. Replacement or repair can take up to 16 weeks depending on the manufacturer.