Looking for some Inspiration?  

I'm committed to offering you the very best when it comes to body jewellery. All the jewellery I stock comes from companies known all around the world and who are approved to comply with the strictest of guidelines meaning that you will be wearing the safest materials!

At the studio you'll find a selection of implant grade titanium, 14/18k gold, genuine Swarovski stones, natural stones and fauxpals from Industrial Strength, Junipurr Jewellery and Anatometal, all of which can be used for fresh piercings and placed in healed ones (even if I didn't originally perform them!). 


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Fear not! Your options are not at all limited by what you see here. I can help you find jewellery that will suit your anatomy perfectly!

Want something more specific or bespoke?

Feel free to enquire about a custom piece of jewellery. The world is your oyster when it comes to jewellery!