Frequently Asked Questions

How much do piercings cost?

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How old do I have to be to get a piercing at The Electric Lady?

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Do I need an appointment?

Yes. You'll need an appointment for all piercing services, that includes jewellery changing and sales! I know it may seem a bit daft to need an appointment for something so 'quick' but jewellery is just like shoes, they need to be appropriately sized to your anatomy or else it can be very uncomfortable. You wouldn't walk around in shows that are too big for you, the same applies for jewellery! To make a booking, head to the booking page. If you need a jewellery change or a downsize, please message me and I will squeeze you in somewhere!

Can I bring someone with me?

You can bring ONE other person with you if you'd like, but please no more than that! My room is quite small and it can be quite distracting to have too many people in at once.


Can I bring my own jewellery?

No. Each piercing is done using brand new, sterilized jewellery. I cannot use anything purchased out of the studio, it is not covered by my insurance policy. There are a tonne of beautiful pieces available to purchase at the shop, for fresh or healed piercings! Browse my jewellery for inspiration.

How do I look after my piercing?

Aftercare is explained thoroughly with you in person, emailed to you after your appointment and can be found on the aftercare page!

What jewellery do you use?

I pierce with implant grade titanium (ASTM F-135), one of the safest metals to use for body piercing. All my jewellery stockists are approved and comply with the strictest of guidelines, we only have one body after all!

I am committed to giving you the best experience paired with the highest quality jewellery possible, hence why I use Industrial Strength, Anatometal and Junipurr. I am excited to keep offering you all the best of the best and look forward to adding more names in the future!

How do I pay?

I accept cash and card and contactless phone payments.

Do you sell gift certificates?

I do! These can be purchased from me in store or you can pay me online and we can arrange collection from the shop. They currently have no expiry date and can be any amount desired. Redeemable against piercings, jewellery, aftercare and merchandise!

Do you offer numbing?

I do not and I will not pierce you if you numb the area before your appointment. I understand that needles and the pain that comes with it isn't very appealing, but I promise it is over in a flash! Numbing products can distort the skin, meaning a perfectly place piercing can shift as the tissue relaxes, it can also make the area tougher to pierce making it more uncomfortable for you and sometimes harder for me. 

Where are you located?

You'll find me at The Electric Lady in Chichester! See below on the map.