Please read through this thoroughly before booking!

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the cancellation of you appointment.

**Please remember your ID**

The age restrictions page will explain everything you need to know. Failure to provide ID when asked will result in the cancellation on your appointment.

**Multiple piercings or services**


You can have up to three piercings done in one appointment, just book for one and leave a note when prompted saying what other piercings you'd like! If you'd like a downsize/jewellery change as well as a piercing, book the piercing and leave a note when booking saying you'd also like to have a downsize/jewellery change! If there are two of you who are both looking for piercings, please book two separate appointments as 45 minutes is not long enough for two people to have piercings!

**Please wear a mask** 

Because we are a close contact service I will continue to wear a mask during your appointment, and I respectfully ask you to do the same! I am self employed meaning I do not get any pay if I have to take time off work and after the year and a bit we've had I cannot afford anymore setbacks.

**No facial piercings until further notice**


Due to the rising case numbers of covid, I have made the difficult decision to put facial piercings on hold until further notice. This includes jewellery changing and downsizing, unless it is affecting the healing (this is the only exception I will make). Once case numbers come down and I feel comfortable again, I will make them available!


My room is located upstairs. If you are unable to use stairs, please message me so we can arrange a 'before hours' appointment so I can set up the room downstairs which is also wheelchair friendly! If you are deaf or hard of hearing let me know, I will make sure to wear my visor so you are still able to lip read. If you require your service dog with you that is absolute fine but please let me know just so I am aware when you arrive to your appointment! I will cater to anybody's needs as best as I can.

**Please attend your appointment alone**

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, I will need you to attend your appointment alone, unless you require any assistance. If you are a parent or legal guardian consenting for a child please make sure it is just yourself and the child, no extra family members (including other children!). If you bring other adults they will have to wait outside, however if you bring other children and haven't got an extra adult to wait outside with them then your appointment will have to be rescheduled as I will not allow children to be left unaccompanied outside.

**Please cancel your appointment if you feel unwell**

Covid related or not! I do not get paid any sick pay, so I cannot afford unnecessary time off.

**Please arrive on time**

I run a very tight schedule throughout the day so if you arrive late my entire day will be affected. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will be rescheduled. If you are early please wait outside until your allotted time or until I come and get you!



If you have already reserved a piece of jewellery or have seen something you'd like to use, please leave a note in the comment section when asked, and also message me to confirm this! 

**Additional information**

I accept cash, card, contactless etc! Consent forms are now done online so if you can,

please bring your mobile with you.  The prices you'll see on the booking page are the starting prices, additional costs will occur if you choose to use other titanium or gold pieces. When booking, please remember to use up to date contact information, if you're booking on behalf of somebody else please book it under their name with their contact details!

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I take bookings one month at a time, I will open the following month at the first of the previous month at 9am. For example, bookings for March will open February the 1st at 9am!